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Scientifique :

LAFOND Michael

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Domaine d'intervention :

Antibiotiques et thérapies alternatives, Microorganismes et interactions/réponse de l'hôte, Modèles experimentaux, Réponse de l'hôte
Alternatives thérapeutiques, Antimicrobiens, Criblage, Drug development, Interactions hôte-microbiote, Peptides antimicrobiens

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Intitulé d'équipe :​

ISM2 Biosciences

Responsable :
(Directeur d'unité / responsable de structure)

RODRIGUEZ Jean-Antoine

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Affiliation :

CNRS, Aix Marseille Université

Région :​​

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

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RODRIGUEZ Jean-Antoine

Descriptif :​

ISM2 is at the interface between chemistry and biology. The chemistry of living systems is at the core of ISM2/Bioscience concerns. We develop strategies to understand the chemical mechanisms that govern actions of living systems in order to be able to control it but also to use these knowledges to characterize bioactive natural molecules and to produce bioinspired molecules able to reproduce their biological activities. This includes antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) and their derivatives/mimics but also other natural antimicrobial molecules produced by plants, fungi, bacteria or other living organisms.