Why a french national ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE portal?

The French National Antibiotic Resistance portal, which results from the PPR on Antibiotic Resistance, is intended for the scientific community as a common, intersectoral and interactive gateway. It identifies public and private actors, platforms and networks, coordination activities, events and research projects in the field on antibiotic resistance.

Projects and actions supported

The PPR on Antimicrobial Resistance funds for €40M, 11 research projects, a meta-network of professionals, a multi-omics data platform, a digital observatory of social dimensions and research positions.

“One Health”

The “One Health” approach conceptualises
human, animal and environmental health as
one, integrated system. As dissemination of
resistant bacteria between humans, animals and
the environment is a key factor in the spread of
antibiotic resistance, it is essential to develop
control strategies that do not dissociate humans
from their environment. This underlines
the urgent need to support a holistic
research response to challenges in
these three sectors.