ANSALDI Mireille

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ANSALDI Mireille


31 Chemin Joseph Aiguier 13009 Marseille

Area of intervention:

Antibiotics and alternative therapies, Sampling - detection and diagnosis, Technological innovations and "omics", Microbial defense mechanisms, Microorganisms and host interactions/response, One Health Sectors, Social sciences / Public health / Public policies / Socio-economics, Bacterial strains
Genotypic and phenotypic adaptations, Therapeutic alternatives, Antimicrobials, Bacteriophage and phagotherapy, Biodiversity, Biotechnology and nanotechnology, Communication - media coverage - education - training, Enterobacteriaceae, Gram negative, Membrane and bacterial wall, Bacterial motility, One Health, Animal health - veterinary - wildlife


Laboratoire de Chimie Bactérienne

Team name:

Cycle Phagique et métabolisme Bactérien

(Unit director / head of structure)

Tâm Mignot

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Our team combines diverse and complementary skills ranging from molecular and cellular microbiology to genomics and bioinformatics. We have set up multidisciplinary approaches in order to characterize in depth bacteriophages, viruses of bacteria, that exhibit multiple and fascinating aspects and are also promising therapeutic agents as well as biocontrol tools.

Our research is organized around three main axes:

i. Phage / bacteria interactions and regulatory networks integration

ii. Phage diversity and genomics

iii. Phages as therapeutic agents and biocontrol tools

Our group is a founding and active member of the network which allows us to be part of the evolution of our research field and promote new collaborations. We are also deeply involved in Microbiology education at Aix-Marseille University as well as in science dissemination.

We host trainees from all education levels, feel free to contact us to join this dynamic and exciting research field!