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Students Against Superbugs Africa, a student-driven initiative

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Crédit : Pixabay

Students Against Superbugs (SAS) Africa is a student-driven initiative under the guidance of qualified health professionals which seeks to mitigate the threat of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in African communities using a One Health Approach with a keen focus on rural areas and urban informal settlements.

We do this by empowering young people throughout Africa to be lead advocates in the fight against AMR. Young people account for majority of the population and are the future global leaders and stakeholders.

Their active participation will play a huge role in curtailing this health burden. It is imperative that they are made aware of it early enough, and nurtured to help in transiting appropriate knowledge, attitudes, and practices to their respective communities. 


Our mission is to mitigate the threat on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and improve the overall quality of life in African communities by empowering young people to be vocal AMR advocates through training and instilling in them the virtues of social responsibility by engaging them in effective education, infection prevention and control, research, and innovation programs using a One Health Approach.


To be a lead youth-driven organization curtailing the threat of Antimicrobial Resistance in Africa and contribute actively to global solutions.


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