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Call for expression of interest: Development of awareness materials on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and Antimicrobial Usage (AMU), Cambodia

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Consultancy title: Development of awareness materials on Antimicrobial Resistance
(AMR) and Antimicrobial Usage (AMU)
Type of contract: Consultancy contract
Location: Cambodia
Starting date: from the day of the signature of the contract
Expected working days: Lot No. 1: 35 days
Expected duration: Lot No 1: 3 months,
Lot No. 2 and 3: 2 months.
Application deadline: June 7, 2021

Document available on this link (pdf version).

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) is the intergovernmental organisation responsible for improving animal health worldwide. The standards it develops for the trade of live animals and products of animal origin are recognized by the World Trade Organization as reference international sanitary rules (
The OIE, then known as the “Office international des epizooties” was created on the 25th of January 1924.

Its headquarters are based in Paris. It comprises of 182 Member and is present on all continents through 13 Representations or Bureaus in total. As part of the Tripartite Alliance with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the OIE is participating in the implementation of the MultiPartner Trust Fund (MPTF) project to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Cambodia. The project will be coordinated by the OIE Regional Representation for Asia and the Pacific (RR-AP) based in Japan with technical and administrative support of OIE headquarters based in Paris. For the actual implementation of the project activities, the RR-AP will liaise and coordinate closely with the General Directorate of Animal Health and Production (GDAHP) under the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries of the Cambodian government, and the regional and country offices of FAO and WHO. The MPTF project aims to use multisectoral approaches at bringing behavioural changes amongst the key stakeholders and the public in the responsible and prudent use of antimicrobials in humans, animals,
and the environment.

In recent decades, the world has been confronted with the accelerated emergence of resistant bacteria,
viruses and parasites due to the overuse and misuse of antimicrobial agents. Antimicrobial resistance
(AMR) is currently posing an extraordinary threat not only to human and animal health, but also to the
world ecosystem. A shared responsibility from the human, animal and plant sectors is required to
minimize pressure for the selection of AMR factors under the One Health approach from regional,
national and international levels. The OIE has taken global leadership in taking actions to address AMR
and antimicrobial usage (AMU) Antimicrobial Resistance – OIE – Asia.

Cambodia’s concerns about AMR gained global attention when resistance to the antimalarial drug
artemisinin was first reported in 2009 along the Cambodia-Thailand border. Since then, many efforts
have been made including developing the multi-sectoral action plan on AMR in Cambodia (2019-2023)
to address the threat of AMR in human, animal, and environment sectors. However, Cambodia still faces
several challenges including weak intersectoral coordination among key stakeholders, inadequate or
poor enforcement of regulations, limited capacity for surveillance, limited research capacity, and lack of
awareness amongst the key stakeholders. Therefore, the AMR MPTF project on “Enhancing
Governance and Coordination Mechanisms to Reduce Antimicrobial Resistance in Cambodia” will be
implemented from 1 January 2021 until 31 December 2022 to address the current gaps and challenges
faced in combating AMR and AMU issues in Cambodia.

The OIE will take lead in implementing activities related to improving capacity to design awareness
raising, behaviour change and educational activities to support responsible and prudent use of
antimicrobials in humans, animals and the environment. Key activities to be undertaken include
developing national multisectoral AMR communication strategies, developing and disseminating
information, education and communication (IEC) materials in Khmer language, and organising joint
national and sub-national antimicrobial consumption (AMC) and AMU monitoring workshops.

The services are divided into three (3) lots, as follow:
Lot n°1 : The consultant will develop content (script conception, redaction and layout) for IEC
materials on AMR/AMU suitable for posters, leaflets, infographics/social media tools, and videos
in consultation and coordination with the tripartite (FAO, OIE, WHO) staff; AMR technical
working groups under the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), Ministry of
Health and Ministry of Environment of the Cambodian government; and other relevant
stakeholders working on AMR/AMU issues in Cambodia. The consultant shall reference
available literature/materials on AMR/AMU from the OIE, FAO, WHO and other relevant
organisations (OIE Antimicrobial Resistance – We need you (; World
Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2020 – Campaign materials (; World Antimicrobial
Awareness Week | Trello) and shall integrate the information to design appropriate IEC
materials for specific audiences in Cambodia.
The consultant will provide guidance and introduction to the developed content to the identified
designer and video company who will develop the IEC materials in coordination with RR-AP.

Lot n° 2: The designer will design the AMR/AMU awareness materials based on the contents
provided by the consultant under Lot n°1.

Lot n° 3: The video production company/producer will produce videos based on the contents
developed by the consultant under Lot n°1
Note I: Tenderers can bid for one, several or all lots.
Note ii: Tenderers are required to bid on each lot separately in case they are selected for one lot

Read more on the pdf version of the Call for expression of interest.