AccueilEmplois & formationsPost-doctoral researcher in the field of synthetic to work on an ERC-COG research program on novel antibiotic vectorization, Institut Pasteur, Lille

Post-doctoral researcher in the field of synthetic to work on an ERC-COG research program on novel antibiotic vectorization, Institut Pasteur, Lille

Détails de l'offre

  • Type de poste: CDD, Post-doctorat
  • Secteur : Public
  • Localité : France 
  • Limite de candidature : 07/06/2021
  • Profil de poste:
    Recherche et innovation
  • Domaine(s) :


ORGANISATION/COMPANY: Institut Pasteur de Lille
RESEARCH FIELD: Chemistry › Organic chemistry
RESEARCHER PROFILE: First Stage Researcher (R1) / Recognised Researcher (R2)
APPLICATION DEADLINE:07/06/2021 23:00 – Europe/Brussels
JOB STATUS: Full-time

Offer description

A post-doctoral position is available on ERC-COG project ANTBIOCLICKS, at the Center for Infection and Immunity of Lille (CIIL), France. The CIIL is located at the Institute Pasteur of Lille and is recognized worldwide for its contributions to anti-infectious agents as well as molecular and cellular biology of various infectious pathogens. The Chemical Biology of Antibiotics (CBA) team of the CIIL is headed by Ruben Hartkoorn and is a cross-disciplinary team, driven by compound bases antibiotic innovation to target the most important bacterial pathogens.

The frightening increase in antibiotic drug resistance is threatening global healthcare as we know it. To this extent, the World Health Organisation that has classes M. tuberculosis and a number of Gram-negative nosocomial infections as the highest priority for novel R&D strategies. A major obstacle to drug discovery programs is to design inhibitors that can efficiently enter into bacteria. One such stealth strategy is exemplified by natural siderophore-antibiotics conjugates (sideromycins) that piggyback the bacterial iron acquisition machinery to enter bacteria. In this project, ANTIBIOCLICKS, a newly uncovered bioinspired conjugation chemistry will be investigated that allows the coupling of siderophores to antibiotics or other molecules. The main role of the postdoctoral applicant is to innovate and support the chemical synthesis of siderophores and antibiotics aimed at the design of new chemical probes and drugs. He/She will analyze the objectives and propose solutions and participate actively in the experimental work.

Applicants will hold a recently granted PhD in chemistry with demonstrated excellence and productivity in synthetic organic or medicinal chemistry. Experience in the synthesis of siderophores and complex antibiotics as well as modern analytical techniques is highly desirable. Applicants are expected to help define the exact basic chemistry reaction discovered in the lab, and do so with the help of mass spectrometry, NMR and SPR in a proactive and self-motivated manner. A successful candidate would demonstrate rigor and creativity towards the proposed targets and maintain a significant level of knowledge and management of laboratory research. Experience in one or more therapeutic areas/target classes and several disciplines including chemistry, cellular and molecular pharmacology, and screening technologies would be appreciated. Candidates must possess strong written and oral communication skills in English or French, and the ability to work effectively in a team environment.

The successful candidate will carry out the following duties:

  • Undertake organic synthesis and follow protocols towards the proposed antibiotic targets directed by and in direct collaboration with Dr. Ruben Hartkoorn.
  • Prepare high quality supporting data for publications resulting from the project.
  • Provide high quality pure samples to Hartkoorn group collaborators interested in defining the biologic and other properties of compounds resulting from the project.
  • Conduct a literature search, including patents, on current technologies available and establishes an understanding of synthetic organic chemistry associated with new and existing anti-infectious agents.
  • Work closely with partners in molecular and cellular biology, pharmacology, computational chemistry, structural biology, chemical development, and other key functions.
  • Routinely maintain/organize work areas (hood, bench, equipment, supplies, and etc.) and other designated areas.

This role offers tremendous growth opportunity within a dynamic and science-driven team.

Starting date: up for discussion.

How to apply

Applicant should send a CV and a cover letter including contact information of two/three references to Ruben Hartkoorn